If you haven’t seen this film, you cannot know what it is…or what it isn’t. If you have seen this movie, then you know to judge in your own independent capacity.

There are rumors. There are assumptions. There is misinformation and there are misleading (sometimes unauthorized) descriptions floating around on the internet.

Beneath The Beauty is not about kicking down doors to expose political or governmental corruption. Though claims are voiced on both fronts.

Accusations are made against some individuals and entities. And while many of these accusations are countered or mitigated by others and introduced facts in the film, some are not. Offers to be included in the film were rejected by many. We understand and respect that decision made by many individuals, but that has left this film with voids that could not be filled by the producers of Beneath The Beauty.

This documentary is, for the most part, about divisions and perceptions. These divisions and perceptions are a growing rift in the communities, the state, the country and the world in which we live. They are the result of strong-willed, concerned and passionate people. Sometimes this passion and concern is voiced or demonstrated cautiously and carefully…but not always.

Segments of the film are light-hearted. In portions, we’ve tried to display the beauty of the Bitterroot, its unique qualities and the character of its citizens. An entertaining film was certainly a goal, but you will have to decide if we have succeeded.

The main focus of the film has nothing to do with choosing sides. It is about revealing divisions…potentially disastrous divisions.

We held up the mirror.

It is not until the very end of the film that we chose a side…or should we say, bounced a little light off that mirror with the hope of lighting at least a path towards better communication.

“All politics is local”

Really ponder that quote. That was and still is our goal via this film.


Nicholas Holthaus producer/director
Chris Valentine editor/post production director